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Accounting Services

Accounting Services for Small Business

At Prosper Bailey, we are small business accountants in Chester offering a range of accounting services from basic bookkeeping and management accounting services to preparation of year-end statutory accounts and audit ready accounts. We aim to strengthen the accounting controls and implement a robust internal management accounting system whilst meeting all the statutory accounting requirements. We also provide expert advice on technical areas of accounting for medium sized businesses.

Accounting Service Packages

Accounting Services for Small Business

We have created 3 excellent Accountancy Packages to meet the needs of our clients. These are our typical core packages for our SME clients but in reality we will tailor and bespoke these products to your individual business needs.

Our bronze package clients benefit from our compliance and tax efficiency services, which take away the burden of managing the administration of their businesses whilst keeping their taxes down to a bare minimum.

As your registered tax agent we will deal with all your statutory filing for both HMRC and Companies House and offer you unlimited tax advice when you need it to help you plan for yours and your family’s future.

We’re extremely knowledgeable in the various tax reliefs that are available for individuals and businesses and can help you claim your entitlements accordingly.

Perfect for small to medium sized VAT registered business that want a quarterly compliance and tax efficiency service with book-keeping and quarterly Management Accounts, but who don’t want any further Management and Growth Support.

Our book-keeping service is designed to take away all the pain from processing and calculating your VAT returns and trial balance. You need not organise your invoices and receipts into files. Simply put all your paperwork in a box or bag and post it/drop it off direct to our offices and we will do the rest.

Maybe there are some expenses you never thought to include. You will find our proactive approach to ensure you have claimed all your relevant expenses totally refreshing.

Our quarterly Management Accounts are designed to give you the tools to dissect the financial and operational performance of your business in order to assess its strengths and weaknesses within the current market. This is not your typical set of statutory Management Accounts. To quote the M&S tagline – “This is not just Management Accounts”.

The following inserts are but a taste of the information you can expect to find in your quarterly Management Accounts pack:

Performance Commentary – How we think you are performing financially with identification of any risks and opportunities in your business.

Operational Dashboard – We create financial and operational key performance indicators (KPIs) for your business so you can track your sales and profit trends.

Profit & Loss Accounts, Balance Sheet and Cash flow statement – Fairly standard inclusions in your typical Management Accounts pack right? At Prosper Bailey we go one step further to create budgets and forecasts for you to track your performance against. Whereas most Accountants would charge extra for this service we include this in your Silver package price.

Revenue and Market Analysis – What is the size of your local market? What is your share of that market? What are your most successful products? Your top 10 customers? Your oldest debts? Answers you may or may not know by heart but wouldn’t it be nice to have that information at hand when you need it. We take a proactive approach to provide management information that we think you will find useful for your business.

Promotions & Capital Appraisals – Started a Promotion recently or Invested in some advertising or machinery to improve your sales? Let us track how that investment is performing to see when you can expect to see a return.

Tax Planning – We build a run-rate of your taxation liability based on your profits to give you an indicative timeline of when your taxes are due and approximately how much will be due based on our assumptions.

For those clients who want a Fully Loaded Management Accountant service without the cost of a full time employee.

The gold package additions are designed to help clients really drive their profit growth and realise their short to long term ambitions.

We utilise our commercial experience from working for some of the UK’s largest businesses along with our globally recognised training from the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants to make suggestions and recommendations to help you deliver your business aspirations.

Our suggestions and recommendations are delivered constructively in plain English, and we’d love the opportunity to be your risk advisors or just a general sounding board for any changes you wish to make.

On-site Quarterly Business Review and Operations Auditing

Every Quarter after producing the Management Accounts we arrange a time to come and see you and discuss the accounts in great detail. Whilst there we take the time to look at your day to day operations to see if there are any risk/opportunities in your processes.

These can include: Secure cash handling, Employee handling of specific operational issues, End of day reporting activities and General efficiency mapping – which is about doing less of the tasks that don’t add any value and more of the tasks that do.

Long Term Planning & Exit Planning

In the short term we want to see sales and profits improve, and budgets and forecasts help us to plan accordingly to achieve those objectives.

But what about beyond that? 5 years down the line, 10 years, 20 years etc. As part of our Gold service we will help you build a long term financial plan and recommend strategies to help you deliver that plan.

Are you planning to ultimately sell your business at some point in the future? We can help with your projections in order to achieve the valuation level you desire. Everything you tell us is in 100% total confidence guaranteed.

marketing-plan-language-schoolsMarketing & Promotional Implementation Support

Market Research – SWOT Analysis. Market Penetration and Diversification.

Relationship Marketing – Building Customer Loyalty.

Pricing – Sensitivities and Value.

Communications – Promotions and Brand Building.

Direct Marketing & Advertising.

Product Design & Planning.

Selling & Distribution Techniques.

A lot of these ideas may sound somewhat whimsical; but the principles behind them can really help you unlock your sales potential and build a loyal customer base for many years.

Most SMEs don’t have the budgets to employ their own Marketing Department to help them build their company profile, but through Prosper Bailey we can guide and direct you to Marketing success.

Strategy & Change Management

At Prosper Bailey we can advise you on all sorts of Managerial changes in order to keep your business risk free (both internally and externally), ensure a smooth transitional process and most importantly increase profit.

Efficiency driving through Operations – Sales and Procurement; Costing & Margins; Incentives and empowerment; Headcount; Customer satisfaction; Quality control; Performance Reporting and Benchmarking.

Efficiency driving through Information Systems – Do you spend too much time on your IT systems? Are your IT systems fit for purpose? Are you thinking of changing your IT systems? Do you need Microsoft Office Support to adopt new processes?

Human Resource Management – Driving Motivation & Appraisals; Disciplinary actions & Performance Review; Recruiting; Training; Benefits & Incentives; Policies & Procedures; Specific Communications.

Structural Change & Project Management – Mergers, Acquisitions & Sales; Re-organisation; Re-branding; Product Launching, Project Timeline Management; Valuations & Capital Appraisals.

Accounting Service Prices

Accounting Services for Small Business

Our Accounting Services Packages are designed to meet the needs of a small business. Pricing is based on a monthly basis and includes a range of services as listed below:

Typical £ for SMEs (NO VAT)

Annual Accounts preparation & filing 

Self-Assessment & Company Tax Return preparation & filing 

Companies House filing

Unlimited business support 24/7 

Unlimited tax advice and planning 

Your own dedicated qualified Accountant 

Quarterly VAT Return preparation & filing 


Quarterly Book-Keeping


Quarterly Management Accounts Service 


On-site Quarterly Business Review including operations auditing


Long-Term Planning & Exit Planning 


Marketing and Promotional Implementation Support 


Strategy & Change Management Recommendations & Advice 

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Accounting Services for Small Business

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